Midas Awards Grand Jury Spotlight: Sarah White

The Midas Awards recruits its global Grand Jury from the top agency and client leaders who have worked in the world of financial advertising, as well as international experts in financial policy and communications. The Midas Grand Jury is tasked with selecting the World's Best Financial Advertising. Their results of their efforts are parsed in an annual rankings brief, The Midas Report and The Midas Brand Report —a veritable who’s-who in the world of financial services advertising. 

In this week’s Grand Jury Spotlight interview the Midas Awards spent a few minutes with Sarah White, Director of Marketing for The Money Source, Inc.  Sarah, a seasoned marketing professional with an entrepreneurial mindset oversees strategy and execution for all marketing efforts. Prior to joining The Money Source, Sarah served as Marketing Lead for Mortgage Cadence where her dazzling efforts helped the organization grow a staggering 200% year-over-year for the last nine years.

Keep reading to find out Sarah’s views on how judging influences her creative process, what she’s looking for when determining an award-winning campaign, the prominent changes we’ll see in financial advertising in the coming years and more.

Midas Awards: Does judging the year’s creative work within your industry influence your creative process?

 Sarah White: Absolutely. Being inspired by the work of others comes with the territory. Not only that, but we are at a point in marketing and advertising where the types of media and channels utilized are changing rapidly. New, innovative ideas help shape our industry and make us all better. 

Midas Awards: When judging, what specifically are you looking for when determining whether a campaign is award-winning?

 Sarah White: Campaigns must be unique, innovative, and thought-provoking. At the same time, I strongly believe that there is beauty in simplicity, so less is often more. The message must be clear, the creative must be eye-catching, and the results must be documented. I know the competition will be fierce this year, and I’m very excited to be a part of deciding the best of the best.

Midas Awards: In your opinion what are the challenges of working in financial advertising?

Sarah White: Financial advertising is dependent upon the needs of our buyers. Those needs are changing at an ever-increasing pace due to the influence of evolving technology, the ebbs and flows of the economy, and the shifting regulatory environment. In my opinion, those shifting needs are the single most challenging factor of working in financial advertising. As a result, it’s critical to have a team dedicated to listening to buyers and taking steps to stay ahead of industry trends in order to create advertising that continues to resonate and meet the needs of prospective buyers.

Midas Awards: What will be the most prominent changes in financial advertising in the next few years?

Sarah White: Financial advertising is likely to experience many of the same changes seen in other industries. I predict that one of the most prominent changes in the next few years will be an increased focused on all-digital advertising – specifically as it relates to custom digital content. Companies must intelligently market to each potential buyer with unique content in a “smart” manner. This means building out buyer personas and utilizing segmentation to strategically reach and resonate with their intended audience. Also, authenticity will continue to be critical.

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