Midas Awards Grand Jury Spotlight: Peter Hibberd

Each year the Midas Awards assembles the best and the brightest of agency and brand leaders who have worked in the field of financial advertising, in addition to international experts in financial policy and communications to be part of the Midas Grand Jury.

These creatives and thought leaders are recruited to view global entries into the Midas Awards and select the World’s Best Financial Advertising. The results of the judging sessions are parsed into the annual Midas Report which includes Agency, Brand and Network Rankings—a veritable who’s-who in the world of financial services.

This week’s Grand Jury Spotlight interview features Peter Hibberd, Creative Director with McCann Worldgroup Singapore. 

Peter Hibberd is an award winning creative over the last 17 years across the APAC region. Originally from Australia, he’s worked in Brisbane, Melbourne, Hong Kong and currently Mccann Worldgroup Singapore. A winner at Cannes, the One Show and the National Athletics Championships in Highjump, raising the bar comes naturally.

His work covers nearly all media types from the traditional TV, print, radio, outdoor to the online variety in online display, web and UX design, video and online gaming and has won internationally for traditional and online categories. Currently Peter is working on brands like Microsoft, OCBC, and Mastercard.
Midas caught up with Peter and asked him to share his creative insights on judging creative work, prominent changes in financial advertising in the next few years, his favorite financial ad campaign, what inspires him, and more!

Midas Awards: Does judging the year’s creative work within your industry influence your creative process?

Peter Hibberd: It doesn’t directly influence my process. Finding the human truth in any brief universally is at the core of my process. Breathing life into that truth and executing it in a way that connects the brand with their consumer is what we’re all about. Will it make me dig a little deeper to find an execution that not just does the job but makes you stop in your tracks? Maybe.

Midas Awards: Why did you agree to participate on the Midas Awards Grand Jury?

Peter Hibberd: It’s an honour to see the full gamut of work in the industry. The financial category is historically a difficult category in the ad game to create breakthrough work. I look forward to seeing how the different regions approach the same problems.

Midas Awards: When judging, what specifically are you looking for when determining whether a campaign is award-winning?

Peter Hibberd: The degree of difficulty in the finance category is really high. Having specific objectives met with beautifully elegant solutions, whatever form they take, is my criteria for award worthy work. Being emotionally moved in surprising ways, through humour, empathy, suspense or tension. These are the things that smell like metal to me.

Midas Awards: What are the challenges and benefits to judging work from around the globe?

Peter Hibberd: I have the pleasure of working across the APAC region, Australia to India, Indonesia to China, Thailand and Japan. In my own work I see and enjoy a vast range of cultural nuisance. Extending that to a global playing field is both exciting and challenging.

Midas Awards: In your opinion what are the challenges of working in financial advertising?

Generally speaking making the intangible real without defaulting to consequences.

Midas Awards: What will be the most prominent changes in financial advertising in the next few years?

Peter Hibberd: There will always be a constant flux in creative, push and pull, reactions to competitors. Changes of direction to create space from competitors especially in categories where parity of product is rife. Of course, this isn’t exclusive to finance advertising.

On top of the broader creative directions of brands large and small, I think especially in the finance marketers, there’s a desire to tangibly link advertising to sales. Videos viewed, or impressions made are not enough in digital. Creating work that not only moves the heart but motivates the ‘click to buy’ is where we are heading. It’s no real surprise that in the financial category, ROI is valued.

Midas Awards: What is your favorite financial advertising campaign and why?

Peter Hibberd: It may be lazy or a little biased because I work at Mccann, but Fearless Girl for the State Street Global Advisors investment firm would have to be right up there. An execution for a company that became a global icon for gender diversity and empowered women. Beyond that there’s the Citibike for Citibank or Gaytms for ANZ bank in Australia.

Midas Awards: What inspires you about the industry and what do you wish you could change?

Peter Hibberd: We are in a privileged position in the ad game. We can use the full gamut of communication from image to animation, film, poetry, music, technology, inventions, illustration and on and on to persuasively create change. We work with some of the world’s largest companies and can reach billions of people. The true art of advertising is being more than the mandatories. Not just retelling reasons to believe but to create Belief. Belief that this world can be better.

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