Grand Jury Spotlight: Andreas Baumert

The Midas Awards Grand Jury features award-winning industry experts from both the agency and the brand side who have worked in the field of financial advertising. These innovators provide their expertise in judging global entries and evaluate create work not only on how well it’s delivered but how it is received.

These prominent industry pros’ select the World’s Best Financial Advertising and the results of their judging sessions are parsed into the annual Midas Report which includes Agency, Brand and Network Rankings—a veritable who’s-who in the world of financial services.

Andreas Baumert, Group Creative Director for KBS USA brings years of industry experience coupled with his background in art directions and design to the Midas Grand Jury. He’s worked on everything from online advertising and TV, to social, mobile, websites, experiential, events, to OOH, print, radio, direct mail, and apps.  A former musician before launching his ad career and fluent in German, Andreas is a true renaissance man. Throughout his career he’s delivered innovative work for a diverse group of clients including Vanguard, Amex, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Windstream, Vonage, Samsung, LG, JBL, Harman Kardon, ESPN, Adidas, Victoria's Secret, HomeGoods, Prestige Brands, Hershey, TE Connectivity, and yes, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

Midas caught up with Andreas and asked him to weigh in on what he’s looking for in an award-winning campaign, the challenges of working in financial advertising, his favorite financial advertising campaign, and much more!

Midas Awards: When judging, what specifically are you looking for when determining whether a campaign is award-winning?

Andreas Baumert: Simplicity in the idea, first and foremost. Whether a brand gesture, a tv spot or even a simple rich media banner, I ask three questions: Is the execution relevant to both the brand and the audience?  Is the message clearly articulated?  What’s new or different about it?

Midas Awards: What are the challenges and benefits to judging work from around the globe?

Andreas Baumert: A big benefit is seeing how the power of an idea can transcend different languages and cultures. Inevitably there are Andreas Baumert cultural nuances that may not be familiar to everyone, but a breakthrough idea powerfully executed will stand out no matter what. 

Midas Awards: In your opinion what are the challenges of working in financial advertising?

Andreas Baumert: Helping a brand stand out when there’s no physical product or service to sell. A lot of brands are moving away from rational/straightforward messaging and aiming to hit those emotional and human notes, which is fine, however, a good amount of work begins to feel forgettable and cliché.

Midas Awards: What will be the most prominent changes in financial advertising in the next few years?

Andreas Baumert: I’m excited to see what springs out of the use of digital assistants, voice-based user interfaces, and new forms of creative tech to create customized experiences for prospective clients as well as existing clients. It’s still a new territory that could have enormous potential.

Midas Awards: What is your favorite financial advertising campaign and why?

Andreas Baumert: I would have to say my favorite campaign is Prudential’s 4.01k Race done a few years back. Everything about it was great. Simple idea, great execution, engaging as a brand gesture, and it truly raised awareness of the scary truth (in America at least) about too many people not being prepared for retirement. Through and through it was a solid campaign. And, no, I did not work on it.


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