Midas Awards Spotlight Interview: Subhash Pinnapola

The Midas Awards Jury is comprised of the world’s most award-winning creatives from both the agency and brand side who have worked in the field of financial advertising, as well as journalists and thought leaders who are international experts in advertising, financial policy, and communications. These jurors are respected world-wide known for their creative chops and revered for their innovative approach to brand building.

These prominent industry professionals are recruited to view creative entries from around the world submitted to the Midas Awards and charged with selecting the World’s Best Financial Advertising. The results of the judging sessions are parsed into the annual Midas Report which includes Agency, Brand and Network Rankings—a veritable whos-who in the world of financial services.

This week ‘s Grand Jury Perspective features 2018 Midas Awards Grand Jury Member, Subhash Pinnapola, Chief Creative Officer of TBWA \Sri Lanka. Subhash’s portfolio has raised the bar of Sri Lankan advertising, pushing it into the international limelight. His creative work was ranked in the Gunn Report’s Top 100 Creative Ideas of 2011. He’s received numerous accolades in the international arena including winning medals at Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, Adfest, Appies, Adstar, AMEs, Epica, Midas, AWARD, Cristal, Sharks and ONE Show.  A frequent judge at the top awards shows around the globe, Subhash has also been selected as a mentor in the Adstars 2017 (Young stars).

Keep reading to learn more about Subhash. In the interview below, he shares his thoughts on what he’s looking for in award-worthy work, changes he anticipates in the industry, the benefits to judging work from around the globe and more.

Midas Awards: Why did you agree to participate on the Midas Awards Grand Jury? 

Subhash Pinnapola: the Financial category is one of the most boring categories any market has. But we at TBWA doing a great work for the finical category and we have won Midas back to back. So I really wanted to recognize great work in this tough category. 

Midas Awards: Can you comment on the international reach and scope of the competition, do you believe it’s important for there to be a competition specifically honoring advertising and marketing for banking, brokerage, insurance, mutual funds, credit cards, real estate, accounting, and consulting industries? 

Subhash Pinnapola: Like I said, the Financial category is one boring category, a lot of markets keep that category to make money. And money only. That’s why I like Midas very much because Midas is looking for great creativity on Financial. Midas wants to make the financial category the sexiest category.  

Midas Awards: When judging, what specifically are you looking for when determining whether a campaign is award-winning? 

Subhash Pinnapola: Simple. I look for a great story. Because people love stories. I'm the same.

Midas Awards: What are the challenges and benefits to judging work from around the globe?  

Subhash Pinnapola: You get to see work. And you support great work. 

What will be the most prominent changes in financial advertising in the next few years? 

Subhash Pinnapola: All the financial advertising looks almost the same. Mostly approaching on the traditional way. But it will change fast because people change fast. Nowadays people are connected online. They live in the online society. Traditional ways don’t work anymore. 



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